SCHNEID T-Print for SCHNEID-XX controller

Best.-Nr. 500.13862

With SCHNEID data bus interface, MBUS interface, internal controller communication interface, leak warning interface and interface for the additional boards SCHNEID-4Relais or SCHNEID-5TEMP.

1 standard bus for controller networking and system visualization via
SCHNEID WinMiocs 70 or SinVIS
2. Bus interface for recording consumption data (e.g. meter)

Depending on the application, a corresponding bus module can be fitted for each of the two bus interfaces.
The following bus modules are available:
-RS232 bus module
-RS485 bus module
-RS422 bus module
-MBUS master bus module
-MBUS slave bus module
-USB bus module
-TCP/IP Ethernet bus module

Scope of delivery: SCHNEID T-Print for SCHNEID-XX controller

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