Remote Control FBR14

Best.-Nr. 120.16888

The SCHNEID-FBR14 WiFi remote control is compatible with the SCHNEID-Module-Controllers of the series MR12 (direct connection to the control panel).

The FBR14 has a WiFi chip that makes it possible to integrate the remote control into the network. Through this chip, the FBR14 can be controlled with an APP in the network.

The FBR14 can thus be controlled from anywhere, you do not need to be in your WLAN.

The touch-screen control panel always displays the time, the current outside and room temperature, the tank temperature, the setpoint adjustment and the operating status.
The display shows: Automatic / Day, Automatic / Night, Automatic / OFF or one of the 5 dialing programs, which can be set at the bottom of the display (automatic, day, night, party and OFF).
The two arrow keys are used to change the current room temperature by -4 ° C to + 4 ° C.
A room sensor is installed in the remote control, which can be used to apply various heating control programs and to optimize the SCHNEID control unit.

There are 16 million different display background colors and foreground colors to choose from.

Available in 5 different frame colors white, black, chrome, red, blue. (The frames can be easily exchanged if necessary.)

Scope of delivery: SCHNEID FBR14-WiFi remote control with color touchscreen, room sensor and frame in color red.

Dimensions: (HxWxD) 87.1×121.1×25.4mm

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