MR07-PLC basic module controller with AKP

Best.-Nr. 170.11884

Microprocessor-controlled control device for controlling district heating transfer stations with the option of modular expansion to a total of ten heating circuits and additional recording of the heat meter data and forwarding of all data to a higher-level network optimization computer in the boiler house. The controller MR07-SPS is modular and can control and regulate in its maximum configuration a direct heating circuit, seven mixer circuits, a boiler circuit and a circulation circuit.

The MR07-PLC module controller is equipped with a graphic display with 128×64 pixels. To support menu selection and parameter input, there are also four symmetrically arranged buttons.

The MR07-PLC module controller is also equipped with a 2 Gigabite MMC card that can be used as program memory, parameter memory or trend memory. This makes commissioning standard systems a simple matter because MMC cards can be preprogrammed using a notebook. The SD card can also be used as a data memory for various bitmaps for graphic display on the controller and as a foreign language memory.

There are three ways to upload new application programs:
– Installation of a new MMC card
– Upload the program via a programming adapter
– Upload a program via the data interface and the boiler house computer

Control structure of the basic control unit

– Three-point output for primary valve
– Two-point output for boiler 1
– Two-point output for boiler 2 (or circulation circuit)
– Two-point output for a direct heating circuit
– Three-point output for a mixer heating circuit
– six mixer heating circuit modules can also be connected
– A remote control can be connected to each heating circuit
– two analog inputs for the set temperature via 0-10V (4-20mA)
– Additional detection of the secondary return temperature
– two temperature inputs for visualization purposes

Dimensions (HxWxD): 420x104x87

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