Communication base module CM12

Best.-Nr. 130.17368

With the communication board CM12, the basic module controller can be equipped with up to three bus interfaces:
1. Standard bus for controller networking and system visualization via SCHNEID WinMiocs 70, Facelift or SinVIS
2. Bus interface for consumption data acquisition (eg counters)
3. Internal controller bus for control networking (SubCOM)

Depending on the purpose of use, a relevant bus module can be equipped for each one of the three bus interfaces.

The following bus modules are available:
-RS232 bus module
-RS485 bus module
-RS422 bus module
-MBUS Master Bus Module
-MBUS master 80-bus module
-MBUS slave bus module
-SubCOM bus module
-USB bus module
-TCP / IP Ethernet Bus Module
-BT (Bluetooth) bus module
-RF (Radio Frequency) bus module
-GPRS module
-MP-Bus module
-PGW-Bacnet module

For the version CM12 there are additional RTS control cables for the interfaces COM-B and C. This allows the COM-B and C interfaces at higher speeds operate. This is necessary if there are several slave modules via COM-C operated via an interface card (eg RS485).

Examples of networking:

Via an internal data bus, different SCHNEID controllers can be linked together on the control side. Under the control devices corresponding setpoints, as well as the centrally measured outside temperature are exchanged to allow an optimized control.

Readout of the measured data from heat meters Electricity meters and other external devices via M-Bus interface (M-Bus protocol according to CEN TC176 WG4 and IEC1107).
Data recorded using the heat meter as an example: amount of heat, flow rate, flow, return temperature, spreading, power, flow, etc.

All data of the controller and the heat meter are transmitted via the special interface SCHNEID-FSS to the optimization computer in the boiler house (see WINMIOCS and FW MANAGEMENT).

Scope of delivery: Communication base module CM12 and connection cable 14-pole (800mm).

Dimensions: (HxWxD) 115x100x44mm

Order number: 130.17368

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