Cable sensor Simplex 0.5m cable length, PT1000

Best.-Nr. 010.18251

Cable temperature sensors are a very inexpensive alternative for measuring the temperature of gaseous and liquid media in the HVAC sector. The sleeve sensor can be used with or without an immersion sleeve to record temperatures. All cable sensors listed by us are rolled (double embossed) to prevent moisture and are therefore protected against corrosion
protected. The standard connecting cable is set to 0.5m and a diameter of 6mm.

Product quality: Made in Germany

Typical applications:
– heating systems
– ventilation systems
– air conditioners

Technical specifications:
Temperature sensors: Please refer to the table
Measuring range silicone: -50…+200 degrees Celsius
Temperature range: At NTC Tmax = 150 degrees Celsius and Tmax LM235Z = 125 degrees Celsius
Measuring current: approx. 1 mA
Insulation resistance: At 20 degrees Celsius and 500V DC, typically 100 MOhm
Connecting cable: standard 0.5 m silicone cable (bare ends)
Connection type: 2-wire connection
Sensor material: VA stainless steel 1.4571
Sensor nominal length: 6 x 20mm
Degree of protection: IP65 (rolled against moisture)
Storage temperature: -30…+50 degrees Celsius
Operating temperature: -50…+200 degrees Celsius

Scope of delivery: cable sensor silicone, silicone cable 6x20mm, 0.5m length

Dimensions (HxWxD): 500x6x6mm

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